Abolishment Of Penalty Rates

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The abolishment of penalty rates will reduce business costs and ensure expansion of economic activity Research Report

Senator the Honorary Michaelia Cash; Minister for Employment, This report will regard recommendations put forward by the Productivity Commission’s annual report [2015.] Research findings will council these recommendations in relation to the abolishment and change of penalty rate policies. It will also state the potential effects on businesses and the expansion of economic activity on par with penalty rate alterations. Also, the assessment of the current economic status of penalty rates, along with the impact of prospective policies that may be implemented for the forward estimates will be raised.

The primary motivation behind having a job is to earn an income to sustain ones place
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In relation to penalty rates, it calls for the Sunday penalty rate of hospitality, entertainment, and retailing industries to be aligned with Saturday penalty rates (Appendix A.) So rather than the overall abolishment of these penalties, the Commission informs the need to make this change – preferably in and for the forward estimates. The most effective method to execute these changes would be through policies but only with the support from the people who would be effected the most, those who receive the Sunday penalty

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