The Ability Of Commercial Egg Replacers On The Quality Of A Yellow Cake

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An experiment was conducted in order to test the ability of commercial egg replacers on the quality of a yellow cake. The researchers viewed the use of egg replacers as an economical choice in commercial food production and wanted to determine the quality of commercial egg replacers in both an objective and subjective manner. The team of researchers postulated that exchanging liquid and dry egg with egg replacers would drastically change the overall characteristics of the yellow cake. This particular research team wanted to assess how many of the differences occurred when using egg replacers in comparison to liquid and dry egg. This experiment was also conducted because the team wanted to increase the amount of knowledge surrounding egg replacers in regards to their distinct qualities rather than the amount that would be needed in order to produce a product that was still similar to one with eggs. Similar experiments were noted for looking at the percent values that egg substitutes could achieve while still producing a satisfactory baked good. A total of five different products were prepared using three distinct egg substitutes and two forms of egg. The egg replacers included gum-based, soy with wheat, and a whey protein formulation. The three egg extenders were chosen because of the baking qualities that they exhibit. Characteristics of an egg replacer include emulsifying and foaming. Both of these characteristics can come from egg so an egg extender would also need these…

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