Essay about The Abandonment Of Adoption Records

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The widespread sealing of adoption records despite the wishes are needs of the adopted child has been a major public issue in America. The United States government started to conceal these birth records, first from the public and then from people who were named in the records stripping the adoptees of their privileged right to acquire their original birth certificates. Closing records evolved into a standard practice in the 1960’s where the state governments sought to protect biological birth mothers from discrimination of society and strengthen the adoptive parent’s relationship with their adoptive children. Therefore, the state governments made birth records confidential and refused to undue the sealing records law. Adoptees began to challenge their unequal treatment under the law because they wanted access to their birth records in order to ascertain information about their health history and possibly even develop a kinship with their biological parents. Many opposed the adoptee’s wishes to access their records since they assumed it would violate biological mother’s constitutional rights to privacy and secrecy, increase abortions while decreasing adoptions, and the belief that it can weaken the relationship established with adopted parents. Although the state governments tried to compromise this issue by providing needs of both the adult adoptee’s and birth mother’s, this issue continues to date in 36 states where adoption records were closed. This makes it if not…

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