The ABA Research Design

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Participants and Setting
The participants of this study involved 25 Year 7 mixed-ability students with 11 boys and 14 girls. The classroom was very diverse with students from different backgrounds including Arabic, South-East Asian and African. No ESL students were there in the class. The school timetable was on a fortnightly rotation with 8 scheduled Science lessons (4 in each week). Each period was fifty minutes in duration except Mondays where each period is shortened to 45 min. All 25 students participated in the study and the data was collected. However, I also made a sub-group of 12 target students that represented the whole class with lower-ability students, moderate ability students and higher-ability students. This grouping was done
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ABA research design is a valid withdrawal design where one intervention phase combines with one or more baseline phases to make inferences on the effects of the intervention on the specific learning need (Bloom, Fischer, & Orme, 2006). During condition A, students were expected to raise their hands and wait for the teacher to call them by name to respond to his/her question where as in condition B, the students were expected to write their responses to the question asked on the RC provided and hold it up when instructed to do so (Christle and Schuster, 2003, p. …show more content…
The data collected allowed to track students’ academic performance and also their evaluation of the HR/RC instructional strategy. A combination of weekly tests, teacher observations/reflections and Likert Scale analysis were used to enhance the validity of the results and link teacher observations and student opinions with the measured student academic performance. Test data was collected at the end of every week either Thursday or Friday depending on the week (due to fortnight rotation of the school timetable) to ensure consistency. Likert Scales were distributed at the end of RC and HR2 data collecting phase. This allowed students enough time to come to a conclusion in their evaluation of the HR/RC technique. Week 7 data collection or intervention did not go as planned due to cancellation of

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