Essay The A Woman Name Taryn Border

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In Portland a woman name Taryn Border stated on the 17th of June in the morning she was followed by a man to Heart Roasters Coffee downtown, He stood there, maintaining a direct eye contact for five minutes, without flinching, while she proceeded to call the police. What followed when the officer arrived was in her words "almost more disturbing than the incident itself". In her words her "Help was immediately aggressive and militant, cutting me off, saying that no laws had been broken, and that I was out of line to assume any negative intention". Officer Foesch (Portland 's "Hometown Hero") repeatedly mocked and laughed at her, asking how long she had been a police officer and compared the situation to somebody calling the cops on me for looking at them weird"(3). At this point she was visibly shaken and crying, and asking him at what point can a woman being followed call and count on the police and be able to rely on receiving help. Her ending words was 'we need to raise awareness, stick together, and be aware of the negligence we may receive from law enforcement". This post started on a Facebook page and now have 63,023 shares a picture of officer Foesch and her stating "from pure terror and concern to sadness and rage after experiencing the type of "protection" law enforcement is willing to provide.(3)" This one post have the people of Portland believing that they cannot trust the criminal justice system. One officers do not define the department, but at the same time…

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