The A Library Is Both Hallowed Sanctuary And The Darkest, Dankest, Dungeon

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A library is both hallowed sanctuary and the darkest, dankest, dungeon. With this in mind an angle of vision is being created. An angle of vision is not simply written, it is carefully and deliberately constructed through the proper use of five rhetorical strategies. Word choice, sentence structure, overt statements, figurative language, and selection and omission of details are the strategies used by writers to create the angle of vision. To understand these strategies I have written two paragraphs that are similar in description yet carry vastly different angles of vision.
The first rhetorical strategy I used in my paragraphs is word choice. Word choice is the intentional use of certain vocabulary that carries certain connotations which enhance the angle of vision of the writer. Certain words are plainly neutral while others evoke strong emotion, due to the attached connotation. The connotation that is carried by word choice is how I built my sentences. To quote, "In the backdrop, the soft glow of the glorious flare is allowed to fill the room as the breeze ruffles the branches of the trees through the life-sized glass." The use of "glorious flare" is a sublime example of word selection due to the uplifting feeling that is carried with the word glorious. I could have chosen to write "the sun" with no other description. However, the tone of this particular sentence would begin to feel rather neutral. Glorious implies that the sun is truly wonderful and powerful. Making my…

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