The A Direct Instruction Approach Essay

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The direct instruction approach is shown in the video. This approach allows the class to read their word lists together, following the teacher’s signals. In order for the children to answer the teacher’s question, a signal must be present. In the video, the teachers would tap on something with their pen for the signal. The teachers would also repeat a word phrase such as “what word?” and the children would respond with the word. After learning the materials, the children would have individual checkouts where they would read one on one with their teacher and receive their evaluation. They are allowed up to 3 errors. In an interview with two of the students, they both mention that they have seen improvement in their reading skills. One of the teachers points out that this approach helps children build the structure of the language, rather than just learning words. The direct instruction approach allows the children to be aware of their own progress rather than competing with their classmates.

2. What did you like and not like about the instruction shown in the video? Why?
I liked how the children seemed confident in their improvement and in their own abilities through this approach. The video mentions that the classrooms are separated by the children’s skill level. I like how this allows them to not feel intimidated or discouraged by their piers who may be more advanced. However, I do think that some competition in the classroom is healthy so that children feel pushed to…

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