The A Car Manufacturer And A Tequila Producer Essay

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A car manufacturer and a tequila producer unite to find ways to repurpose agave remnants for possible use in motor vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company and tequila maker Jose Cuervo have formed an unusual partnership in an effort to explore ways to take remnants of the agave plant and transform them into components usable in automobiles. Tequila, an important ingredient in margaritas, is derived from the blue agave plant, grown throughout central Mexico. The plant byproduct is currently used as compost and is also repurposed by artisans who make crafts and agave paper.

The Jose Cuervo company is the world’s largest producer of tequila, a process started by harvesting agave in its eighth year, roasting the heart of the plant, then grinding and extracting the juices for distillation. It is the plant’s byproduct that interests Ford, what the automaker and tequila producer are testing to determine use as sustainable bioplastics in Ford vehicles.

Current experiments involve taking the resulting bioplastic and using it in a vehicle’s interior and exterior components, specifically as wiring harnesses, HVAC units, and storage bins. Early results are promising as the material has proven adaptable and durable. If used by Ford, the sustainable composite should help reduce vehicle weight and lower energy consumption. Ford also says that the agave byproduct will reduce its dependency on petrochemicals, effectively decreasing vehicle impact on the environment.

Since 2000, Ford has been…

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