The 953 Human Resources Management Course At The University Of Kansas

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INTRODUCTION The ELPS 953 Human Resources Management course at the University of Kansas provided me with new insights into the roles and responsibilities of district leadership. Even more so, this course has taught me how to think more like a Human Resource manager. There have been several opportunities recently in my professional life that have shaped my awareness of these new skills and perspectives that I have gained over the semester.
LEARNING AND APPLYING CONCEPTS PROFESSIONALLY A week ago, I walked into a conference with over 2,000 district and building administrators from around the country. Some of the districts are new to the AVID program, while others are rated National Demonstration Schools. Representation came from across the demographic spectrum; there were rich schools and poor schools, charter schools and public schools, metropolitan schools and rural schools in attendance. The ‘salad bowl’ composition of district leaders opened an opportunity for me to think about leadership in a different manner and to step outside of my teacher/coordinator role. Function 2 of Standard 3 in the ELPS 953 course refers to efficiency and states that candidates understand and can effectively use human, fiscal, and technological resources within the district. During the conference, I stopped and lingered over several suggestions about whether it would work for the district that I am in. Intellectually, my brain was on fire. One administrator suggested flexing…

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