Essay about The 9 / 11 Attacks

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The 9/11 Attacks Did Not Permanently Change the National Response to Terrorism Some individuals disagree with the catastrophic impact of 9/11 and consider the historical impact of other events, such as The Cold War, as a larger threat to American society. For instance, Utley (2002) argues that the threat of terrorism in America after the terrorist attacks on September 11th is not as great a threat as that of nuclear warfare between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A nuclear confrontation between two world powers had the frightening capacity to annihilate not only a significant portion of the populations of both The United States and Soviet Union, but a vast majority of the world as well. Even the possibility of nuclear warfare, the antithesis states, is greater than the direct threat of a terrorist attack. The opposition continues by saying that any damage terrorist organizations could cause would be nowhere near the damage nuclear warfare would have caused in the early 1960s (Utley, 2002). Although terrorists may be able to obtain small nuclear weapons, the world would not be on the brink of catastrophe as it was many years ago at the mercy of such large-scale nuclear weapons. American citizens continued to live each day normally during the late 50s and early 60s even with the daily threat of an impending World War III (Utley, 2002). Although the threat of terrorism is certainly daunting, some would argue that Americans have continued…

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