The 9 / 11 Attack Essay

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Understanding Terrorism
We live in an era where war is declared on terrorism yet the knowledge of terrorism for many people is so limited that many do not truly know what terrorism is. In America the concept of terrorism has been type casted. Terrorism is most often linked to the 9/11 attack, Middle Easterners, and Muslims. That’s because the generations that populate this country has never had to deal with a major terrorist attack before in their lives. However the 9/11 attack is not a complete representation of what terrorism is. Mankind’s history is filled with terrorist attacks that varies in races, religions, impactfulness and longevity, which can be classified into six categories: civil disorder, political terrorism, non-political terrorism, quasi terrorism, limited political terrorism, and state terrorism. (Crime & Punishment). For instance the Hindi Poem Expressing Pain on the Peshawar Attack, is about an attack on the Army Public School by seven gunmen. The Peshawar Attack is an onslaught in the form of non-political terrorism, the intent of the attack was a personal revenge towards the army. The Peshawar attack differs greatly from the 9/11 attack on the United States, even though both were acts of terrorism their categories would be different. The 9/11 attack was intended to inflict fear upon the United States so that the policies and actions in the Middle East would cease or at least change. (Glain, Stephanie).Therefor the 9/11 attack was a limited political act…

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