The 9 / 11 And Events Leading And The Causes Essay

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9/11 and events leading and the causes of 9/11

Tyler Ryan
Dominion High School

The 9/11 or the September 11 attack was a series of 4 terrorist attacks in United States of America that targeted two of its major cities: Washington DC and New York City. Nineteen radical Muslim believers who had separately hijacked four airplanes belonging to the United Airlines and American Airlines executed the attack. The four separate incidents took place at a span of about two hours. The first two hijacked passenger aircrafts, to be directed on the two 110-story World Trade Center, were American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 respectively. After a span of two hours, another hijacked passenger plane American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon building in the city of Washington DC. The building serves as the central headquarters for all military activities in United States. The fourth hijacked plane, which also targeted Washington DC, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania as passengers caused havoc to the terrorists (Hobmann, 2014). In total, it was reported that the four separate tragedies claimed the lives of 2,996 individuals. The number included 277 passengers who were on board and the 19 terrorists who were the masterminds behind those heinous acts. Immediately the news went around that separates terrorist attacks have been reported in America’s major cities, speculations on the most probable suspects…

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