Essay on The 6 Major Barriers Of Effective Business Communication

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Learning Guide Unit 2 Written Assignment
Chapter 2 discusses the 6 major barriers to effective business communication. List the 6 major barriers and discuss, in paragraph format, an example of each. Also, include at least one example that you yourself have used in the past and how this hampered your ability to communicate. Try to think of examples that were used in a business setting.
Prepare a two page (double-spaced) essay on this topic. Cite references to material that you use in preparing the essay, according to APA conventions.

One of the key components in delivering a message and to improve verbal communication is language. Language can be a barrier to communicating effectively and leads to misunderstanding of the information being delivered. There are six barriers that can cause poor communication. The first of the six is a cliché which is are phrases used to express thoughts. However, clichés are easily ignored and has no effect because they are used so often. The reader or listener assumes the common meaning and the intended meaning of the message is lost. An example of a cliché would be “an axe to grind” Mclean (2010). This is used when someone feels they need to take revenge on another person who did them wrong.
Jargons are another form of barrier to communication. These are used in a professional setting by persons in various fields. Jargons are used in marketing, banking and insurance,…

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