Essay about The 5th Wave By Rick Yancey

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“There 's this story about this lady whose daughter came home complaining that life was tough and too hard for her, so the mother took her hand and lead her into the kitchen and filled three bowls with hot water in one she put a carrot, in the other an egg and the last one coffee beans, after twenty minutes the lady brought the daughter back to the kitchen and asked her what she can see has changed.”(Wong) In Rick Yancey’s book “The 5th Wave” Ben Parish, one of the main characters, changed the way he saw himself from being an all-american boy to “Zombie” to finally the big brother figure, and along with all his views for himself, his feelings towards the world changed.
When the book starts Ben was an average 17 year old boy, he was the captain and star of his high school football team, most people believed he was a dumb jock, but Ben really didn 't fit that stereotype he was a straight A student, he was popular and he knew it which made him really cocky “Not bragging too much, but I had to be careful never to smile while I drove: it had the capacity to blind oncoming traffic.” (Yancey 50) in other words Ben was living a very cliche perfect life. “Six months ago my biggest worries were passing AP Chemistry and finding a summer job that paid enough for me to finish rebuilding the engine on my '69 Corvette.” (Yancey 42) Shortly after the first wave Ben’s house was attacked by “Twiggs”, who are know for breaking into people’s houses, raping, doing drugs, etc. His whole family…

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