The 360 Ź? Leader Summary Essay examples

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The 360° Leader Summary
Opportunities to make a difference in an organization exist everywhere by leading up, down and across. Leading up can be challenging and involves embracing tasks that others might not want to embark upon and that might not fit in a job description. Consequently, achievements usually aren’t recognized when leading up, but can be beneficial in the future. Leading across is about the relationships that a leader has produced over time. Finding a common ground amongst leaders at the same level can result in some excellent opportunities for an organization. Building relationships with trust and credibility are crucial when leading down. Others won’t follow a leader that doesn’t do what they say they will do. Leading by example is important whether leading up, down or across.
Leadership from Anywhere in an Organization
Leading Up
Every person in an organization has a different perspective of the future and leaders must fully communicate their ideas to others to achieve results. Leading from the middle involves leading up at times, by challenging issues and raising concerns while maintaining the belief in the decisions from those above. Understanding the vision of the leadership is important before interjecting other ideas. The ability to influence superiors is often challenging, therefore making the relationships with them critical and must include credibility and trust.
Influencing a leader may never be possible because of their leadership style, but…

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