Essay on The 1960s Of The 1950 ' S

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When thinking about the 1950 's in America, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it black and white episodes of “I Love Lucy,” old-fashioned clothes, and simpler times? There is actually much more to the 1950 's than people may generally think about. Americans were striving for social and cultural growth, as well as soaking in the enjoyments of finally being able to relax after the stress of WWII. There was also an enthusiastic period of financial stability during the mid 1950 's (after the initial strain of inflation, anyway) that allowed for a “boom” in the birth rate, and a growth in automobile affordability and overall suburban life. The U.S was also committed and determined to getting globally involved by aiding in the support of other countries, whether it be preventing them from falling to communism or attempting to turn their government around for the better.

Difficulties which America encountered during the 1950 's included the need for equal rights for all Americans, inflation, and issues with organized labor. President Truman wanted to push for desegregation of African Americans by planning to end segregation in the armed forces, as well as deny government contracts to countries that discriminated. Inflation was a problem due to shortage of goods, high demand, low supply, and lifting of price controls. Truman reinstated the price controls in an attempt to solve the inflation. Because of the issues with organized labor, a lot of unhappy workers decided…

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