Essay about The 1960s And 2010s Marches And The Corny Collins ' Show

1945 Words Nov 1st, 2016 8 Pages
The 1960s were a time of great progression for African Americans across the United States. From the Civil Rights movement in art that depicted what it was like to be a minority in America. For the first time, people across America were fighting to make a change for the better. In Hairspray, the year is 1962 and the Corny Collins’ show is in full swing. Complete with an all-white dancing group of teenagers and one day a month dedicated to African Americans titled “Negro Day.” Back then TV is black and white but it is not Black and White. In 2016, TV is in color, it is Black and White, but that does not mean that racisms is disbanded. In both the 1960s and 2010s marches and protests have made a difference. Things got better for Tracy Turnblad, a young girl who does not believe that people should be denied their rights because they are colored, and things have gotten better since the 1960s but they are nowhere near perfect in 2016. The Corny Collins’ Show was the famous television show in Hairspray that was full of, “nice white kids” who is seen as being the cream of the crop. Run by Velma Von Tussle, a racist, rich white woman who is stuck in her ways, the WYZT studio is very stingy when it comes to making changes that do not fall into the perfect, white ideals of the 1960s. She constantly insists on pushing kids towards the “white” direction when it comes to policies with her show. What she means by that, is that though television may be black and white, for as long as she…

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