The 1960's Essay

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Unit 9 Final Project

Christina Martinez

SS211 – 2080898

November 18, 2014

On this date of November 16th, 2325 I am writing to document the findings of a time capsule with the date inscribed on it of December 31st 1969. The time capsule was discovered in Washington, D.C. at exactly 2:36 p.m. by myself and my highly skilled archaeological team. This is such an amazing discovery. We have been taught over the years how important the 1960’s were and how they brought about many changes in our nation leading up to its present day success. Inside the time capsule we have found a newspaper article dated February 2nd, 1960 with the headline “A&T Students Launch ‘Sit-Down’ Demand for
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The store itself was open to all patrons but the restaurants policy was to serve only the white customers. When they went to order they were turned away and denied their meal. Although they did not get service they remained seated at the lunch counter and listened to people curse them and call them names. The said nothing back, they simply sat peacefully and waited for closing time which came thirty minutes early that night. The next day they were joined by 24 more black students. This was the beginning of the sit-in movement across the south. Paving the way for other peaceful assemblies promoting desegregation.

The second item that was found was very important to the women’s movement. The 1960’s were often referred to as the time of the “baby boomers”. Many men and women were getting married and having families at young ages. The responsibility of the wives was to take care of the home and the children on a daily basis while the husbands went to work to be the bread winners for their families. The birth control pill was a beginning to women breaking free of these stereo-types and making choices for themselves. The invention and testing of an oral this oral contraceptive took many years. In 1950 birth control advocates Margaret Sanger Katherine McCormick come together to help fund the invention of and trials for the pill which were masqueraded as fertility

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