The 12 Angry Men Film Essay

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The Social Interdependency Theory, would most certainly apply to the 12 Angry Men film in a variety of different ways. During the beginning of the film, it seemed that a multiple jurors participated in group-think during the decision making. Some jurors even stated that 5 minutes would be long enough and there was no more need for deliberation even though there was clearly much room for reasonable doubt. Negative Social Interdependence Theory began to come into play when the other jurors who were satisfied with making a final decision based on group-think started to have open disagreement with Davis. Many of the jurors who originally opposed Davis did so while using distributive negotiation. Many of these jurors had busy lives that required for them to devote much time to. One juror planned to attend a Yankees game at 8:00 pm that evening. The temperature for that day was projected to be the hottest day of the year. Therefore, it may have been natural for many of the jurors to see Davis as an adversary since they felt the need to leave.
Yet, Davis utilized some tactics to his advantage. For instance, he asked the other jurors to consider discussing the case for at least an hour. By convincing the jurors to do so, he was able to initiate some initial collaboration amongst the group. Also, by continually asking for a revote, he was able to consistently get other members of the jury to reconsider their vote and slowly gain strength in his opinion of the case.
In addition,…

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