The 10 Keys to Global Logistics Excellence Essay

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“The 10 Keys to Global Logistics Excellence”

The constant population grow, globalization and economic growth makes logistics a primary focus for business, especially big ones. Thomas Friedman said: “supply chaining” is fundamental as barriers to trade and interdependence are reduced across the globe.” That pretty much means that every day proper logistics are more fundamental to business to succeed and prosper.
Fundamental changes across many areas of business, politics and the supply chain have “flattened” the world and led to an explosion of trade and global sourcing. The main issue about this new global challenges is that they add distance and time to the supply chain, those pretty much add cost, risk and complexity. Many
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2. Global Logistics Process Automation
Logistics personnel commonly spend too much time on low value activities needed to get the freight to move, and not enough time on developing better plans and approaches to drive continuous improvement. The ultimate goal in global logistics execution: “one touch” information flow for all activities.

3. End-to-End Visibility
Event management/notification plays a key role, since the amount of data generated means that the only manageable approach is to have systems that proactively identify exceptions to the plan. Visibility systems should make it easy to find and drill down on information from many points of reference. Visibility systems should also facilitate the development of “role specific” system configurations to meet the information needs of managers in transportation, purchasing, inventory management, and other areas of the business.
By deploying a robust, real-time visibility system, a company is able to operate a totally outsourced global supply chain with a relatively small corporate staff, and manage performance as if the functions were all handled internally. Global logistics execution is complex – it requires an advanced “traffic control” capability in the form of real- time visibility to avoid congestion and ensure the smooth flow of goods.

4. Supplier Portals and ASN Capabilities

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