Thanksgiving Reflection Paper

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Kenyatta Miller
DR. K. Byars-Nichols
ENG 233- Final Exam
18 September 2017

1. Puritans
TERM: Puritans were immigrants who wanted to spiritually clean the church.
TEXT: Judy Dow (Abenaki) Deconstructing the Myths of "The First Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective by Seale, Doris
EXPLANATION: Majority of the people who traveled from England to this place were religious rebels who had severed their ties with the Church of England and became known as “Saints", while others gave them the name "Separatists." Among these settlers were "Puritans," The Separatists, as well as the Puritans, were unyielding fundamentalists who arrived with the full intention of confiscating the land from its Native inhabitants in order to build a new nation which they looked to as their "Holy Kingdom." It was never the intention of the Plymouth colonists to become interested in “religious freedom" for anyone else except for themselves. The harvest feast of 1621 as "The First Thanksgiving" (Abenaki 1).

2. Pilgrims
TERM: Pilgrims: Religious supporters that sailed on the vessel, the Mayflower and colonized in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.
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Lane which became part of her ideological world perception. It appears that she was espousing on gender matters, and here, its interest and power are found, and its limitations also lie here. The years have seen her increasingly being aware of the injustices which women had suffered and started writing poems that defended women. Her husband is a medical doctor in the Yellow Wall-paper who gives assurance to friends and relatives of nothing being wrong with me except temporary nervous depression which translates to “a slight hysterical tendency” (Gilman 1671). The term hysteria was used in describing a broad range of symptoms believed to particularly common among

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