Essay on Thanks For Taking The Time

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Thanks for taking the time to think about and write your response.

First, I understand completely why you don 't want to tell your folks about me. To be honest I 'm really not ready for that to happen either. Maybe someday, but at the moment it frankly is not something I want to do. The main reason that idea was on the table is because you put it there, and I like being with you so much that I decided if you felt you had to tell them because of the Europe trip that I would support you on it. Now that you 've backed away from that idea I 'll be honest and say that I 'm relieved.

Secondly, I don 't have any answers on what taking it to the next level means, what would change or what I want even. Like you I have been content on what we do together and I 'm not pushing for any change in that area. If it progresses into something different than I am fine to let that happen all by itself. Again, the only reason that this was a topic of discussion is because you brought it up.

Really babe, I enjoy what we do together and I 'm open to whatever more it turns into, if anything. I 'm happy with us and what we do, and if it changes into something more or stays the same I think I would be just fine with it either way.

Now, I will admit that I did push a little on you responding to me on all this because I wanted an honest answer on your feelings about where we go from here. Not because I was pushing for any change but because I wanted you to tell me if there was something you wanted…

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