`` Thank You For Smoking `` By Jason Reitman Essay

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“Thank you for smoking”, written and directed by Jason Reitman, based on the Christopher Buckley novel, is a comedy with many moral issues. The main character, Nick Naylor, is the tobacco-industry lobbyist. His job, which he is very good at, is convincing people that smoking is cool, and promoting the benefits of cigarettes. Obviously, we all know that smoking is not good for our health. Thus with his job, Nick Naylor first appears to be an immoral person. However, as we watch the film, it rises many ethical dilemmas not only just plain immoral and Nick Naylor may not actually be an immoral person.
At the premise, Nick Naylor talks about what they (him and the Academy of Tobacco Studies) are doing: showing that there hasn’t yet been any proof about the correlation between tobacco smoking and lung cancer. They are doing that by hiring a German researcher refute any scientific studies on the smoking-cancer connection. The film also makes its position clear that it is a wrong doing. At the end of the film, the Academy of Tobacco Studies and tobacco companies have to pay for its unethical action by closing the Academy of Tobacco Studies and pay for the smokers. The answer for the moral question- what should we value? - in this scenario is the truth. It is unethical to hide the truth that can harm people to gain benefits.
One of the actions that I think would rise a moral question is the action of Lorne Lutch. Lutch who once played a Marlboro Man, has contracted lung cancer and…

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