Thank You By The People With Whom I Surround Myself Essay

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Thank you Robert for your opening argument.


"Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself." Barack Obama

First off, When this quote is searched for online it brings up many sites and articles where people claim that this was said by President Obama in the 2008 campaign. The odd thing is that on the dozens of websites that I checked not one of them contained a link to a primary source, (text or video) of President Obama saying this. If possible, I would appreciate CON providing a link to the direct quote of Barack Obama as I do not want to take the quote out of the context in which it was given.

As I do not want to leave this portion of CONS argument addressed I will say this concerning that quote.This is a silly and asinine way to pin down a mans beliefs and ideology. If we were to take this quote literally and to mean something along the lines of "judge my beliefs and ideology by the people that surround me..." you will inevitably find inconsistent beliefs and ideologies. For example, President Obama is surrounded by atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and the like. It is impossible for him to be all of the above as some of the beliefs would not mesh. The same is true politically. He is "surrounded" by people that have all kinds of political beliefs, logically he cant be all of the political ideologies because the do not mesh. I am unable to say, as context was not given for this quote, that this statement was intended to be taken literally or…

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