Thank You ! It Is Crazy Essay

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Thank you! It is crazy to me that we ended up getting married. In high school you think you love everyone and it 's usually not real love. I always knew I loved him, but I had that mentality that I might just be a foolish sixteen year old. My mother certainly thought so haha! But time kept passing and we got closer, sharing our accomplishments and failure as we went along. I encouraged him to go back to school and he encouraged me not to give up on mine. Many tines I wanted to quit but there he was pushing me. At 18 he proposed, bouquet of roses and his mother 's ring. At 20 we were married, in my mother 's white dress. Then 21 our baby was born. The years have flown by and I always wanted to email you. I have had your card in my wallet since high school with the hopes of talking to you again. Wow, that isn 't right at all. You were entitled to it, it is wrong to mistreat you like that. I have heard stories like that before and you right, that is the sad truth of teaching. You are one of the best teachers they have. Not because you are cool.. not because of your grading. You are a genuinely good person that makes learning more than books and assignments. You prepare us for life, pointing out the ugly and beauty in the world. You are one that takes time to get to know your students and don 't view anyone as a failure. Teachers don 't usually get to know their students on a personal level, but that always seemed to be your goal. That is why we all loved you. Your…

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