The Element Of Water Exposed In Thales's Philosophy

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Thales was one of the traditional founders of philosophy. He held the belief that the arche of all is water; water is the core element of all the things that are present. He believed in God and in his writings through Aristotle, Thales portray that the reason why he stated water as the basic element of everything is because the nourishment of everything is moist. One ingredient (water) that is present in all foods might be a factor that contributes to this concept. As for the food that is dry, the idea is that every seed is moist. Simple metallurgy had been practised long before Thales presented his hypotheses, so he knew that heat could return metals to a liquid state. Water exhibits sensible changes more obviously than any of the other so-called elements, and can readily be observed in the three states of
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He states that these are the root of all things present. But, as for the governing force, he has given the concepts of ‘Love and Strife’. He suggests that there are two divine forces that pervade the universe – Love and Strife. These two forces act as moving powers – with Love bringing about mixtures, and Strife separation. If these weren’t present, nothing could ever come into being or experience destruction. Empedocles accepts that there can be no coming-to-be out of nothing or passing-away into nothing. He preserves the reality of change by holding that what appears to be coming-to-be and passing-away is actually just combination and separation of the elements. According to the Empedoclean "cosmic cycle", Love predominates, it is the positive binding force of the elements so that all things are together in a single, homogeneous, spherical mixture. But then there is Strife too, under the influence of which, the four elements gradually separate. In essence, Empedocles has enunciated the first "conservation

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