Th The Beckham Experiment Summary

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An excellent Sports’ writing is painting a picture that better describes the society’s view, rather than only analyzing players, teams and organizations. It sights the pros and cons of the game by comparing and contrasting an organization.
Soccernomics co-authored by Simon Kuper (a journalist) and Stefan Szymanski (an economist) is a book well written, using a provocative style to analyze the worlds’ popular sports soccer. With well analyzed statistical facts, the book points some reasons why some teams succeed, others fail in the game. It tells the reader how England’s national soccer team loses to other countries. The Paris based Simon and the London based Stefan tells the reader that soccer is such a great game but a bad business. The book also has an entertaining and genuine information that will influence enthusiastic Americans. These guys write about a huge amount of money spent to transfer players from a club to another.
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Grant Wahl takes time to write an incredible piece that explains the scene of Beckham, MLS and the US soccer league that was undergoing difficulties to be famous. He paints a clear picture of an organization that has a manager who purchases a high profile player and celebrity into the club. Back in 2007, the famous soccer player, David Beckham took a risky step by signing a five year contract with the American team, Los Angeles Galaxy. Wahl walks the reader through the processes of the players, staff, and executives who brought Beckham to MLS with the Los Angeles Galaxy and their candid reactions as the first year and a half

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