TGS Oil Company Case Study

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TGS Oil Company
Marketing for organization products and series is important as it increases the knowledge of the goods and services being offered by the enterprise. Companies use different marketing strategies to see to it that their products and services are known by a large number of consumers most of the organizations prefer the use of social media since many people will get the information as the utilization of the new technology increases the users of social media. All companies can expand their marketing through social media which will help the company achieve marketing communication and branding goals. For a company to start marketing their products and services through social media, planning is necessary as it will allow the company
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When a post is expanded, the customers like the post and the number of likes encourages others to learn what the company deals with. TGS should market their products and services on multiple social media which will act as a way to increase awareness of their services, and this will expand their marketing.
In conclusion, proper marketing is the key to the success of all businesses. The use of social media in the marketing of a product will increase awareness of the people on the products and services offered by the company. Engaging in business in the foreign country require knowledge of the culture requirements and business laws and ethics of the country to avoid rejection of the business in the country.

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