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Learning Objectives
Lecture ONE

Introduction to Computers
Reference: Shelly Cashman, Discovering Computers 2011, Living In Digital World, International Thompson Publishing,

•Define the computer terms. •Describes 5 components of computer. •Discuss advantages and disadvantages using computers. •Distinguish between system software and application software. •Differentiate among types, sizes and function of computer in each categories. Describes computer users. Describes how society uses computers.

About The Computer
Why is a computer so powerful? What does a computer do?

What is a computer?

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About The Computer

The Computer System
The electronic, electric & mechanical equipment or physical
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Storage– computers can store data with large volume, e.g. 250GB; and keep data for long period of time, e.g. 20 years.
Reliability – with speed, consistency, and precise come reliability. You can depend on getting the same result again and again, you can count on computers and communications networks to be available and properly functioning when you need them. Low Failure rate



The Advantages of Computer

Implications: Disadvantages/ Social and Ethical Issues

Communicate– computers can share data with other computer which located around the world or even out of space, using the network connection.

The threat to personal privacy posed by large databases and computer networks The hazards of high-tech crime and the difficulty of keeping data secure The difficulty of defining and protecting intellectual property in an all-digital age The risks of failure of computer systems The threat of automation and the dehumanization of work The abuse of information as a tool of political and economic power The dangers of dependence on complex technology
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Chapter 1

Computer Literacy & Information Literacy
What is computer literacy?

The Computer Software

To understand uses of computer and knowledge of computers

Why is information literacy?

Computer Software
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Knows how to gather information, evaluate this information, and make an

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