Textual Analysis of the Perpetual Adolescent Essay

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Textual Analysis
“The Perpetual Adolescent” is an observational piece by Joseph Epstein. He suggests that modern adult acts much more childish than the previous generations of middle aged people. A big part of acting like a younger person is dressing like a younger person. According to Epstein, the dressed down adult is the immature adult, which in turn leads to many adults trying to copy the modern and hip youth culture. This in turn created more relaxed environments across all career fields, leaving less “true” adults. He feels that American now want to stay young forever instead of maturing into the adults of their parent's generations. Epstein believes that this mentality is flawed, leaving the people in positions of power striving
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Seinfeld is almost exactly what Epstein pinned it as: adults who find scruples in the oddest things, who seem to do nothing but adventure all day and have no cares or worries about “real life”. among the friends are a respected paleontologist, a daytime actor and a spoiled daddy's girl who learn how to adjust to the real world with the help of the est of the buddies. She finds a job and learns how to be independent through the course of the show, which are very adult things to do. Even though the apartment dwellers enjoy each other's company and find themselves in wacky situations week after week, they still mean business when it comes down to it. Their youthful charm is what keeps them interesting, not hinders their growth as people. In Friends, the group consists of responsible adults.
Epstein is not the only person who believes that modern Americans, especially the middle age, middle America demographic, has been seduced by the idea of staying youthful and carefree forever. In late 2001, the American energy supergiant Enron declared bankruptcy. The company had been faking profits and destroying its shared stock and clientele base without its investors knowing. According to an Enron Employee, "The trouble with Enron,...is that there weren't any

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