Essay on Texts in Time Frankenstein and Bladerunner : )

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Module A: Texts in Context
“Mary Shelley’s values are still relevant to society today”. Discuss with reference to your knowledge of Blade Runner and Frankenstein. (1200 words)
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s cautionary tale of science vs. religion was first published in 1818, in an increasingly secular, but still patriarchal British society, amongst the aftermath of the French and Industrial revolutions and a burgeoning scientific research scene. Upon the second release in 1831, the novel was greeted with enthusiasm and praise for the young, female, somewhat controversial Shelley, with the values and issues raised in the storyline striking a chord in the minds of the still predominantly Christian audience, suggesting the consequences of
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Belief in a supreme being, that is, a body that is higher than man, is a concept not only used to describe the Christian belief in God, but other complex or philosophical interpretations of the appreciation of the divine, as well as to describe the supreme beings of other religions. This concept has been evident in human society constantly, evolving as society evolves. In Mary Shelley’s context, although secularisation was occurring in the Western world, Britain remained a predominantly Christian society, with God as the most important individual in most people’s life. The story of Frankenstein describes the protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, creating life using science, essentially taking on the role of God as creator of Man. This act has tragic consequences for both creator and creation, and is likened by Mary Shelley herself to the Ancient Greek myth of Prometheus in the novels full title: Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, again emphasising the horrible consequences of nullifying God’s role. Similarly, in Blade Runner, Tyrell has assumed the role of God in the dystopian Los Angeles, as head of the powerful Tyrell Corporation. He, like Victor Frankenstein, meets his fateful death, literally at the hands of his

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