Texts And Driving: The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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Texting While Driving
The Smartphone boom and wide acceptance among people of all ages has raised alarm at a global level. Self-reliant people have a reason to believe that they have multitasking skills and can manage to drive while texting whereas most are of view that such a driver gets distracted and accidents are bound to happen. Law enforcing bodies have devised laws against using phones while driving to curb the dangerous situations that arise due to distracted drivers. While driving unforeseen events including an animal appearing from nowhere might occur; if your attention is at your phone, your slow response might put the driver and the animal in a dangerous situation. Texting has become the most favorite means of communication. A change
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That makes up about 3,154 people killed and 421,000 wounded. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute in 2015 established that sending SMS creates risk of crash 23 times worse than driving when they are not distracted. To be exact about eleven percent of drivers in between the age bracket of 18 to 20 involved in a vehicle accident and survived confessed they were replying or receiving text messages when they crashed. The statistics show that distracted drivers are distracted due to addiction to phone. No matter how good an individual is at multitasking handling the arising situation on road is very difficult to handle at …show more content…
To avoid accidents due to diverted drivers it is essential to create awareness among public specially the teenagers to stay off the phone while they are on the road. Teenagers learn from their parents; if parents are texting while driving, the children are supposed to imitate them. To prevent the rising rate of accidents by the teenagers it is vital for the adults to set a good example and avoid using phone altogether while on road. Once people understand that fact that once negligence can result in death or heavy casualty of another person; this problem will get resolved to some

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