Texting and Driving Essays

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Texting and Driving

Every day of our lives, we encounter people. Naturally, we connect and communicate with them whether we have close, normal or an acquainted relationship. That’s the human nature, humans are genetically created and designed to interact with their surroundings. Of course, tools and methods people use in order to communicate between each other differ among them; especially with the development of technology and the major role it plays in our lives. However, tend to use this advanced sort of communication at the wrong times distracting them from more important things at that moment, which may result in disastrous outcomes. The ad is telling people, primarily young people of the texting generation, not to text and
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The large text in the picture “Think twice before texting and driving” acts as a definite refusal, denial and disapproval this bad trend. In addition, the factors of youth, beauty and elegance are represented in the picture by showing how nicely the lady’s nails are done and painted. All of this tries to prove how many beautiful young souls texting while driving has taken away. This is not to say that older women do not take care of their beauty, but since most of the ages involved in texting while driving accidents are of young ages as the statistics1 show, I believe it was introduced in that direction intentionally. Life is too short already, yet some people still insist on making it shorter, all of this for a text message that can wait. On the other hand, the young lady’s hold to the phone even after the accident happened, reflects the idea of how addicted the people of all ages addicted to technology nowadays. As mentioned above, the lady’s bloody loose arm position tells us that she’s underwent a serious injury; yet she still was a hold of her cellphone even after the injury has occurred. This works on showing how people of our day, are so weak to technology and how we let it control our lives even if it would cost us them. Very dedicating, aren’t we? Moreover, the picture exhibits an English writing tattoo on the lady’s

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