Essay on Texting While Driving On The Road

783 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
About eight years ago, a driver decided to send a text while driving and lost control of his car. That driver ended up hitting my mom’s car, causing a near fatal accident, sending her to the hospital. Due to the accident, my mom’s hip went into her spine, making her unable to walk for a few weeks. She luckily was able to make a good recovery, but she still has continuous back problems till this day. However, my mom is not the only one to get injured do to a driver’s reckless decision to text while drive; 333,000 people on average of injured due to texting while driving every year in America (Texting). It’s a serious issue that must end by adding stricter laws pertaining to it, people learning ways to avoid having access to their phones while behind the wheel, and about the new technology that can be used to prevent texting and driving. Most states ban texting while driving on the road; however, only 14 states in the United States completely ban handheld use while driving, that’s less than half (Cellular Phone). People could start off by simply changing a song on their phone while driving, until they get a text. Since the phone is already in their hand it creates a more tempting situation for a driver to reply to a text. In addition to that, states with less restrictive cell phone use while driving policies have higher amounts of accident than any other state. States like New Mexico, Idaho, Florida, Arizona, Montana, and Texas all have less strict laws when it comes to…

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