Texting While Driving Is More Dangerous Than Multitasking Essay

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Texting while driving is a wide range dilemma that is being swept under the rug. Drivers put themselves and others at risk when they pick up their cell phone behind the wheel. I plan to reduce texting while driving by informing my peers about the true dangers of this distracted driving. Many believe that a tragedy related to texting and driving will not happen to them; however, that is exactly what the victims said before jeopardizing their lives with a simple message that could have waited five minutes when they were not behind the wheel. It is imperative that people educate themselves on the dangers of texting while driving to decrease the number of lives lost. Texting while driving is more dangerous than multitasking, texting behind the wheel is essentially driving blind.

Olson, Rebecca L., Richard J. Hanowski, Jeffrey S. Hickman, and Joseph L. Bocanegra. “Driver Distraction in Commercial Vehicle Operations." U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (2009): XV-255. Web. 25 Jul. 2016

Research Questions/Hypothesis:
The authors of the scholarly journal list three different research questions for their research. Their first question is, how often and what type of duty do drivers immerse themselves with before their involvement in critical situations (Olson et al. xx)? The next research question asks, what outside factors are involved with the drivers’ choice to partake in dangerous activities (Olson et al. xx)? The last question asks…

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