Texting While Driving Is Dangerous Essay

751 Words Apr 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Texting while driving is dangerous and a potentially fatal behavior among the populace of college students with the influence one’s social network and how one identifies their significant other in that network being uniquely associated with this behavior. This study provided backing for the hypothesis that drivers who report texting and driving are more likely than drivers who report they do not text and drive to have others in their social network that hold comparable notions. Texting drivers believe this behavior is safe that is shared by those within their social networks. The discoveries advocate that campaigns to prevent this behavior need to concentrate on educating awareness of personal risk as well as social risk by establishing norms of condemnation for texting while driving behavior.
An additional study by Steven J. Seiler, PhD from the Department of Sociology & Political Science at Tennessee Tech University found that texting while driving has become a growing phenomenon in the United States. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 31 percent of adults’ text while driving, in opposition with driver safety along with strict laws barring this type of behavior. Although there is much information about the dangers of texting while driving there is insufficient evidence pertaining to the social factors that increase the probability of this behavior. Seiler’s research looked to examine sociologically social factors that lead individuals to text while…

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