Texting While Driving Is Dangerous Essay

816 Words Jul 17th, 2015 4 Pages
If there is anything in life that a person can wish could change, or if a person can wish a moment to never have happened, it would be when a person loses a loved on. Unfortunately, life is so fragile, some people know this because something drastic has happened in their life, but some people do not know until it is too late. Texting while behind the wheel is wrong and life threatening. With the advancement in technology, phones have dominated the hands of millions of people all over the United States. It is wrong and life threatening because it is dangerous, irresponsible and against the law.
In the first place, texting while driving is dangerous. It can be fatal, texting while driving is a form of distraction and can be prevented. Some people will say it is multitasking, although, driving itself is a multi-tasking operation and there is no way that the brain can handle that much stimulation and focus on all of it at once, this is according to Chuck Lucente, a specialist in Trauma Critical Care Surgery, in the film (“Deadly driving distractions: Texting, cell phones, and other killers,” 2010). Texting while trying to maneuver a car is a terrible idea, if the driver’s eyes are not on the road it is a visual distraction. Blindness inattention is when the driver is looking at the road, but their mind is distracted and so, preventing their mind to be focused on the object ahead. The driver is jeopardizing their life and the life of others. Every second texting can make the…

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