Texting While Driving And Driving Essay

1347 Words Apr 29th, 2015 6 Pages
“It’s better to lose a minute, than your life in a minute”. Texting while driving has been a big issue not just in the United States but also all over the world. Each day there are more accidents, injuries and even deaths, caused by the distractions of our cell phones. The only way to prevent these accidents is to make texting and driving illegal. Texting while driving causes so many distractions, for example it can divert the driver’s attention from the road (“Should Texting…”). When the driver takes his attention away from the road many possible things can happen. Texting while driving has the very similar distraction as drinking and driving (“Should Texting…”). The driver can lose their control sooner than they think. A driver can lose concentration over a text message (“Should Texting…”), and can cause an accident and even end someone’s life. Accidents are very common when drivers are texting and driving. The driver might think he or she can multitask but many studies have shown that they can only concentrate either on texting or driving. All it takes is a second to cause an accident (“Should Texting…”). When the driver is texting and driving it takes more than a second to type a message and send it. Many people have texted while driving and had never crashed, but that luck always ends because texting and driving increases the chance of crashing into another vehicle, (“Should Texting…”) or hitting someone or something. Not only can the driver cause an accident but…

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