Texting While Driving And Driving Essays

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Texting While Driving
Texting and driving has become a recent issue in today 's society. Many teens, as well as adults, have formed a habit of using their cell phones while operating their vehicles. It is distracting and the probabilities of getting involved in a vehicle collision while driving are higher than if you are not using a cell phone. Even the government has realized this is an ongoing problem that is causing accidents. In trying to prevent this you will need to realize the damage it can cause, the injury and death rate, and the prevention of this epidemic.

Although many agree that texting and driving is a bad habit, some believe it is necessary. People argue that while you are on the road you may have an emergency and it is more important than holding on to the steering wheel. This can be an emergency situation, but it is more important to make sure that everyone you know is okay. It is also argued in the mood, The Multitasking Mind, “that at stop signs or lights, that texting is a good way to free you of boredom” (Taatgen 27). Sitting at a stop light isn 't fun and texting can make it more fun. Many people think that texting and driving isn 't a danger and nothing is going to happen to them. As stated in the article Why People Text And Drive Even When They Know It’s Dangerous, “It 's not like a quick text can make you crash and die” (Justin, Time). Obviously, many people know

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