Texting, Driving, By Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and Driving
For quite a long time alcohol had been the leading cause of car accidents, but that began to change throughout the years as technology began to increase. As a consequence of the rise of technology distractions for drivers began to increase due to one type of technology in specific the cell phone which led to people using a cell phone while driving.
Texting and driving has become very common in today’s modern society because now everyone is too connected to technology. Societies around the world are beginning to get too attached to material things such as a cell phone which people are not capable to leave for just a small period of time. Cell phones provide people with many activities like entertainment and the ability to look for information. Out of the many activities the cell phone provides the most common between societies is the ability to text, although texting is not a big factor for the cause of deaths it is for causing distractions while someone is driving.
In other words, with all the technology in the world surrounding a person it is hard for one to not talk and text while driving. Texting is one of the most common things people do to communicate around the world, but not everyone thinks about where was that text message was sent from for instance a moving car. Over 100 million people think they can multitask but the University of Utah has proved that people cannot really do that instead people leave on one thing to focus on the other. Texting…

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