Texting, Driving, And Driving Essay

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Approximately 80 percent of teenagers today have cell phones; this is a large amount of the driving population. A great deal of experts believes that teens text while driving because of their lack of responsibility compared to adults, but where did they learn these bad habits. Adults and parents should try to set a good example to children by not texting and driving. Many teens have witnessed their parent or another adult text and drive at some point and yet when they remind them to keep their eyes on the road they often get mad. It is very important that teens know beforehand how distracting cell phones are while driving, how much more dangerous it is compared to drinking and driving, and that while on the road they need to consider that peoples’ lives are at stake. Parents and adults should set a good example for kids by not texting while driving as well as re-enforcing that texting and driving is against the law.

While many people are pretty good a multi-tasking, on the road is not the place to put this skill in use. Texting and driving not only requires keeping your eyes on the road but also a combination of motor skills, not to mention that there is already enough going on with traffic so why add the additional distraction. Trying to do too many things at once confuses the brain and makes it difficult to focus on driving and reaction time. I witnessed this a few days ago, while driving with my friend, she was reading a text message she looked down at her phone…

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