Essay On Texting

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As technologies developing and ways of communications are increasing, people all over the world can meet, see, and share their memories with each other as the person from other side of the world is next to them. By advancement of communications and the ways that people communicate, my family and I have better and cheaper access to our relatives over Europe and Asia where without these advancements we had to pay a lot of money to hear our loved ones’ voice, or it could have taken many days to get our letters answer back. By having a computer at home and having connection to the internet, my family speak and also see their relatives over Skype or ooVoo. They speak about nothing and everything as there is no time limit on how many hours they …show more content…
As humans we tend to be more nervous and less social in our lives, so we prefer texting to calling and talking face to face. As texting is older than smart phones and Wi-Fi internet, many of us remember the struggle of texting from typing a word by clicking one number multiple times to getting charged by each word that we typed. Thus, we have decided to use abbreviations and symbols to easily text each other over the phone. With arrival of smartphones and chatting apps, there are no worries as texting words is as easy as typing them on a computer device. Although way of texting has changed, people are still using abbreviations and symbols to text with each other. Many people believe that using abbreviations in at text message affects people in their real life. They believe that those people will start using abbreviations while sending an important letter or writing an essay for their school. On the other hand, many other people and I believe that using abbreviations for texting is helpful and saves time, and by no way it will affect the ways that people write letters or write essays. Many of students at this time are using abbreviations for texting, but they are still writing very good essays and letters by using complete

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