Texting And The Social Aspect Of Communication Essay examples

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Over the years, we have witnessed the world of communication evolve very quickly. We have gone from face to face conversations to an age where we only have to press a few buttons on our phone to send a quick text message. Although sending a text message to someone across the world is easier than sending a letter and having to wait several days, text messaging has ruined the art of communication. There are both negative and positive sides to texting but overall the negatives are far greater.
Texting has made us lose the social aspect of communication. We lack the capability to socialize because we have discovered that it’s easier and faster to text someone. Our writing skills have taken damage as a result of this because people are writing their essays and homework the exact same way they are writing their text messages. Our generation is beginning to forget about grammar and simple things such as capitalizing the “I” when it’s alone. In today’s world, the majority of car accidents that occur are a consequence of texting while driving. People feel that they must answer a text immediately, even while driving and this causes them to get easily unfocused on the road. As texting becomes the number one type of communication, we slowly forget how to hold a real life conversation. We lose the feeling of expressing ourselves with others. This is a real issue because people forget that in order get a job we must interact with the interviewer in a profession matter. If we don’t put a…

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