Texting And Driving: The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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There are many “what ifs,” but safety should be a driver’s number one goal. Replying to that text or answering that call could wait until the vehicle is stopped. A group against the texting ban, are the drivers of semi-trucks, who often take up the whole lane. Truckers say that stopping could cost $1.50 per minute for their company and may cause them to lose money from their pay (Shunk). Can you put a dollar amount on a person’s life? Big trucks could do more damage to a car than a car on car collision (Shunk). In addition, truckers are twenty-three percent more likely to be involved in a crash when using a device than a driver who is cautious and attentive (“Dangers of Texting while Driving: Facts & Statistics”). Not only do truckers not want …show more content…
However, if enjoying one’s rights endangers others, isn’t it immoral and shouldn’t it be illegal? That is certainly the case with driving while intoxicated. Although the evidence against the practice of driving and texting is overwhelming, many still do not believe it is a problem. They believe they are practiced enough at both texting and driving that it is not a distraction. However, a study by the University of Utah, found that “drivers who text while driving are 78% less aware of the traffic around them than non-texting drivers” (“Driving While Texting”). Texting while driving forces drivers to take their focus off the roadway and endangers those nearby. With all our advancements in technology, what kind of sense does it make that we use it to kill ourselves and others just to send someone a few letters from a keypad? Texting and driving should be made illegal and fatalities should be treated as murder because there is simply no reason for it. It is as negligent as drinking and driving or not using a car seat for an infant. This is something that needs to stop, before someone else loses his or her life. Creating a federal law may not be enough, but it is a great place to

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