Texting And Driving Is Dangerous Essay

1057 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
One text,one second,one quick glance at the screen is all it takes for someone to get severely hurt and even killed.

I know texting and driving is dangerous and most people would agree that it 's dangerous but everytime I glance to the car next to me they always seem to have a phone in their hand.

Myself along with people that I have talked to would never drive drunk but won 't hesitate to pick up their phone when that text message ring goes off but according to AAA.

“Text messaging while driving has even surpassed drunk driving as the #1 perceived threat to personal safety.”

Edgarsnyder.com has texting while driving 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

Despite all the dangers of texting and driving, I still do it. I know I shouldn 't but I have this mentality that I am a professional when it comes to texting and driving and those skills were put to the test.

Last Tuesday my Comm 201 class drove an eight seat passenger golf cart through a half circle lane made out of orange traffic cones. At the same time we had to text, “ I am on team Captain America”. The objective was to text the phrase completely without hitting the cones.

When I arrived at the closed off parking lot I thought to myself, “Thats it, this is gonna be easy, I text and drive a lot and I have never been in a car accident.” If I can text and deal with cars driving 80mph on the freeway then I can handle this little obstacle course.

I even told one of my classmates that this…

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