Essay on Texting And Driving Ban On Texting

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Technology has been on a rapid expansion for quite some time now, but this technology has started to put the nation lives at an unnecessary risk. So we, as a society, need to decide where to draw a line and create a limit. Texting and driving continues to be a worldwide issue, putting others’ lives in someone else’s hands, a ban on texting reduces distracted driving which is one of the main causes of accidents. While installing a ban will not completely eliminate texting and driving, the government can try to reduce accidents and protect the community’s safety.
Drivers using cellphones creates distracted driving, leading to major accidents and even fatalities. Author of “Indiana’s Texting- While- Driving ban: Why it Is Not Working and How Could It Be Better?”, Emma Gormley, mentions “In 2012 alone, the National Safety Council estimated that texting while driving was responsible for between 281,000 and 786,000 motor vehicle crashes.” (88). Imagine if the statistics for texting and driving went down at least twenty percent due to a ban. The numbers would go from 786,000 to 628,800, that is more than 100,000 lives that are saved just from a texting ban. Gormley states “There is a common misconception that hands-free devices are perfectly safe because they do not require the driver to manually manipulate a phone, when in reality multiple studies have found that is the conversation itself that provides the main distraction” (90). New cars have hands-free calling and texting,…

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