Textbook Analysis Essay

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Textbook Analysis

Dwanna Foster

Grand Canyon University


April 5, 2013

In the subject of social studies there are several ways and strategies in creating your lesson plan and making sure the topic of the matter is getting across to all students. With technology being a popular tool now a days educators have the opportunity to bring social studies more to life that is more interesting to the youth. Collecting and doing different things that keeps their attention and excitement makes students eager to want to learn more of what is being taught. Doing things in the classroom that students actually like to do that’s age appropriate for them encourage students to want to find
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Social studies is a subject that has a number of different academic subjects in one. This is said about Social Studies because when you think about it you use math, writing, art, etc. The way these subjects is incorporated in Social Studies is when using timelines to figure out time period that events have happened and how long these events took place. We all know that writing is used in everything that we do and cannot be escaped. Writing is used in Social Studies in the event the teacher asked them to write an essay on what they have learned or famous person of a certain time period that had an impact on the world today. Last but not least he subject art; art is being used in drawing out diagrams, timelines, bar graphs and similarity pictures from an event back then compared to something current. Social Studies is built with so many different other subjects that it should be a little bit more easier to incorporate different strategies, techniques and skill in the lessons. Reaching the end of the lesson or units, it is important for educators to create or give either a formal or informal assessment to see where students are in gaining the knowledge that has been giving to them. Giving these assessments will give the educator an idea of who has grasped the concept of

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