Text Three : Humans Of New York, Photography Book Essay

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Text Three: Humans of New York, photography book.
Whi did these matter to? ‘

The first text, a print advertisement would have been important to the encoders, creators of the text, or the intention economic capital gain. And to the individual who collected it, because certain things about that advertisement was attractive to them. It appears that at the time humans of this area were dominated by neoliberal ideology; with dynamic expanding capitalist systems, neoliberalism had sought a ‘favourable climate towards business around the world (Hall et al, 10) and thought they had progressed scientifically, compared to their own historical narrative at least, the sociologist Max Weber suggested this was form of disenchantment, and overall meaningfulness (Aho, 450). This is juxtaposed howere with Raymond Williams’ ideas regarding the magic of advertising. Advertising has an aura discovered in its symbol, its meaning connected to seductive narratives of self-improvement and transformation (Stahl, 1). Based on this I would like to propose that this world was not meaningless, rather meaning was translated from some kind of uniting god-like force, to individuals in a neoliberal structure.In fact Barthes argues that advertising signs are deliberate and emphatic. In order for us to perform an ‘optimal reading of the text, we must first understand this (Barthes, 70). Roland Barthes analysis of messages is useful here for breaking down the text, the initial message is the…

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