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Answer in essay format and be sure to answer all of the following questions within your essay.

1. a. Describe Lou Ann’s experiences going to college at Ball State and Harvard? (Chapters10 & 11) Lou Ann always had connections and personal experience with things she studied and read. When she went to Harvard and was working on her thesis, one of the main things she studied was “the confessional novel.” She wrote her these on “protagonists baring their should to the world.” Some of the feelings she always had strong connections with were those of guilt and shamefulness. This was because she was always trying to help make her family normal. The topics she studied and the experiences she went through help to really mold
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It was frustrating though because there was a limit on how much she could do because of legal matters. There was an Oralist teacher that offended her saying “ children of defectives feel guilt.” This was extremely offensive to her but even though she thought this kind of interpreting was crazy she still got satisfaction out of it and continued to do it.

4. Tell about Lou Ann’s experience observing, researching and hanging out with the deaf street gang The Nasty Homicides. (Chapter 13) She hung out and observed these people because she wanted to know more and understand their culture. This was a deaf gang and this was the only thing that everyone in the gang had in common, otherwise they were very diverse. They were not literate and their mission was to show everyone that although they were deaf they could be a very powerful group of people. They lived in a bad area and the gang did not have as many people in it as she initially thought. The members used exaggeration to feel more powerful then they were.

5. How did Lou Ann’s perception of her parents change and how did this affect her relationship with them? (Chapters 15, 16 & Epilogue)

After she observed the deaf community her perceptions of her parents changed. It went from feeling guilty to feeling very proud of them. She understood that there was nothing she could really do to help her parents to be proud of them the way

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