Text Presentation “to Kill a Mockingbird” Essay

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The text under consideration is taken from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee, an American author. The text belongs to the fiction. The peculiarity of this very extract is the inclination of oratory speech which is the feature of publicistic style. It is difficult to speak about genre, because we deal with only an extract from the book, but we know that it is novel.
It is difficult to understand the function of the title from only an extract. But in my opinion the author wanted to stress on that fact that in the story they pretend to have equal court system, but it’s not equal. And the author tries to “kill a mockingbird” that means to show this unequalness.
The text shows us a vivid picture of a court, the arid
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The story is told by Jean Louisse, Atticus’s daughter.
Speaking about the structure of the story, there is the exposition, which is at the beginning, where the author writes how Atticus presents his speech to the jury. The exposition is followed by the risking – the speech of Atticus. And the climax is the moment, when the main character appeals to people’s feelings and values. The outcome is the verdict which is believed to be unfair. So, we can make a conclusion that this is the anticlimax of the extract. When Atticus finishes, he leaves the court – room, this is the story’s falling, but still being the extract of the novel, it has the open end.
The style prevailed in the extract is oratorical. Its main function is persuasion of the audience. The speaker, Atticus, uses a lot of stylistic devices in his speech in order to persuade the jury that his defendant is not guilty. The most frequently used is the epithet. The story is full of the epithets a rigid and time-honored code; a code so severe; any God-fearing, persevering, respectable white man; a quiet, respectable, humble Negro; the cynical confidence; the evil assumption; Judge Tailor’s voice was tiny which express the author’s attitude toward what he describes. They contribute to the expressiveness and vividness of the lawyer’s speech. The metaphor is another figure of speech used in the text; it requires no sifting of complicated facts; no code mattered to her before she broke it,

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